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Long-Lasting and Attractive Waterproof Flooring in Simcoe, ON


Are you looking for durable, stylish, and waterproof flooring? In Simcoe, ON, we carry a wide selection of carpet, laminate, and vinyl floors that are really waterproof. This means you can use this flooring in any room in your home, including bathrooms and the kitchen, and not have to worry about moisture. Come to Flooring Canada Simcoe for a wide selection of attractive waterproof flooring.

Whether you want to install new floors in your bathroom or in the kitchen, you’ll find that our floors can handle all degrees of moisture. Visit our showroom to learn more about our durable, appealing, and affordable waterproof floors for your active family.


Easy Maintenance of Vinyl Flooring

Maintaining your floors can sometimes be a daily chore - especially if you have ones that are not waterproof. If your room is prone to moisture, then you’ll worry about spills and water damage. Make everything easier and less stressful with waterproof vinyl flooring. The floors will look beautiful, and you won’t ever have to worry about water damage. Vinyl is a strong yet attractive flooring material that holds up to heavy use and moisture.


Is It Really Waterproof?

Yes. It is! Some stores may advertise a floor as waterproof, but it’s really only water resistant. Our floors are manufactured using multiple layers of durable materials that are impervious to water. Spilt drinks, pet accident stains, or other kinds of water are no threat to our floors. You can trust that your new waterproof will stay stunning for years to come.

Because our products have waterproof cores, they will not rot, deteriorate, or expand. They prevent liquids from penetrating the subfloor. If they get dirty, or water spills on them, simply sweep or mop up the mess. All of our waterproof flooring products hold up well under heavy foot traffic too, so they are perfect for busy households. At our store, we have a wide assortment of products that fit our customers’ needs and design preferences. Shop with us to explore:


  • Waterproof Vinyl Flooring
  • Waterproof Carpet
  • Waterproof Laminate Flooring
  • Active Family Flooring


Beautiful Carpets That Are Impervious to Water

Even the carpets can be waterproof. The brands we carry are made from soft and durable materials. They provide the comfortable feel of traditional carpeting, yet they are not be damaged by water. Liquids do not soak into the surface below. If a spill happens, blot it up with a rag. In addition, many of our waterproof carpets are stain resistant.

Do you prefer a traditional carpet or one that has a modern look? You’ll find the perfect style of waterproof carpeting when you shop with us. Our friendly and experienced sales professionals are happy to work with you to choose the perfect floor for your space. We take the time to understand your needs and budgetary requirements. Also, let us know if you need waterproof flooring installation, and we’ll provide a free estimate.


Contact us for more information about our waterproof flooring in stock. We proudly serve customers throughout Simcoe, Ontario, and the surrounding areas


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