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Enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home with proper window treatments in Simcoe, ON, from our store. Our collections are much more than simple window coverings; these impressive additions can be used to enhance the functionality of your windows right along with their style. Some of the most popular types of treatments we carry include custom blinds, window shutters, and window curtains. All of these, and more are available at our store at a very affordable price.

We are proud to offer homeowners a stunning assortment of solutions to cover windows of every size. Depending on your budget, as well as your style preferences, we can help you find the ideal solution for any room in your home.

Whether you are in need of upgrades for every window throughout your home, or you simply wanted to replace coverings one room at a time, our team is ready to assist you. The design specialists at our showroom are prepared to educate you about all of the benefits that come with the following window options:

  • Blinds
  • Drapes
  • Curtains
  • Shades
  • Shutters

Choose from Collections of Window Curtains and Drapes

With a wide range of sizes, hues, fabrics, and patterns to choose from, you will find the perfect window curtains or drapes to satisfy your personal style in our impressive showroom. Not only do we provide the right match to fit your needs, but the selections we carry also feature one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry – Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas, along with the other name-brand products we carry, is all available to you at exceptionally affordable prices. Shop with us and you are able to invest in any fashionable or stylish window treatment with the utmost confidence.

Both our curtain panels and drapery panels can be customized to fit within any unique window opening. That means even if your window is an unusual shape, our team can provide you with the covering necessary to give you the look you want. Furthermore, the custom drapes and window curtains we provide to you offer your household a wide range of practical benefits, including the following:

  • Ensuring Your Sleep Isn’t Disturbed by Light
  • Preventing Glare on TVs and Other Screens
  • Enhancing Your Daytime Movie Watching Experience
  • Keeping Rooms Cool During the Hottest Months
  • Reducing Monthly Air Conditioning & Energy Costs

bedroom shades

Offering You Quality Window Shutters and Shades

Not sure if curtains or drapes are the right choice for you? Then we recommend you take a moment to look at our large selection of high-end window shutters and shades. These window coverings are able to block unwanted light from entering your home, while also providing an eye-catching element to the overall space. You can depend on us to help you determine exactly what shutter or shade option best fits your needs and budget.

Shutters and shades are one of the most impressive treatments for windows currently available to our customers.  With the right shutters installed onto your home, you are going to be able to dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your home while perfectly controlling its temperature. By controlling how much sun gets into your home, you are able to save money by lowering your energy bills. Additionally, window shutters provide a decent amount of extra insulation, which prevents cold drafts from creeping in during the winter months as well.

The benefits of window shutters and shades don’t stop there, however. These window coverings are built to last so that you don’t find yourself having to change out your coverings every few months or years. Additionally, they increase your privacy, and offer an ease of use that may not be available in other window treatments; they are also easy to maintain – which is great for individuals with allergies. Altogether, you are going to know you made a smart choice when you pick these styles for your home.

Covering Windows in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Every room in your home can benefit from updated window treatments. This is especially true for your bathroom and kitchen area, which are two of the most heavily trafficked rooms in your space. Because so many people potentially see your kitchen and bathrooms, it makes sense to always give the best possible impression. With our many design options, you are able to do just that.

Shop our assortment of specially designed kitchen and bathroom window coverings to complete the finishing touches of your improvement project. The kitchen and bathroom are two spaces that your family utilizes on a daily basis. The appearance and function of each room is essential to maintaining or improving the value of the home. If you are interested in either of our bathroom or kitchen window collections, visit our store location and consult with one of our window treatment specialists.

Contact us for more information about our window treatment products and services. We proudly serve customers throughout Simcoe, Ontario, and the surrounding areas.

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